Lumbini – K.M. Pokharel to get no-confidence vote

A coalition of opposition parties in the Lumbini Provincial Assembly today expressed no confidence in the government. This is the third time such a campaign against the government has been registered.

Nepali Congress chief

whip Fakhruddin Khan said a vote of no confidence has been given to Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel at the provincial assembly secretariat. He said the opposition alliance has presented a vote of no confidence in the government to the state assembly secretariat and requested the governor to call a special session of the provincial assembly.

“We have presented a vote of no confidence in the chief minister at the parliamentary secretariat with the signatures of 34 legislators and we want to end the issue of legitimacy of the state government,” Khan said. Earlier Monday, the opposition coalition submitted a petition to Governor Amik Sherhan seeking a motion to form a majority government under Article 168(2) of the constitution. Thirty-four members of the state assembly from the Nepali Congress, Maoist Center, Janata Samajwadi Party and Rastriya Janamorcha signed the no-confidence vote.

The opposition coalition had earlier submitted no-confidence votes against the government on April 19 and May 9.

The 87-member state assembly now has 80 members. Two members of the state assembly were removed from office after the CPN (Maoist Center) took action against them for joining the UML following the split. Two MPs, Dirganarayan Pandey and Amar Dangi, resigned. The Janata Samajwadi Party has sacked three MPs for the second time for joining the government in defiance of the party’s decision. However, their case is pending in the Supreme Court.

The no-confidence vote against the chief minister was signed by 16 Nepali Congress members, 14 Maoist Centre members, three JSP members and one Rastriya Janamorcha member. The opposition alliance has 19 Nepali Congress members, 18 Maoist Center members including Speaker Purna Bahadur Gharti, three JSP members and one Janamorcha member. On the other hand, the CPN-UML is composed of 39 members of the government-backed state assembly.

Meanwhile, government spokesman and Economy and Planning Minister Baijanath Chaudhary said that the cases of the three state assembly members currently in the government are pending in the court and therefore no decision should be taken in haste until the court makes a decision.